This site provides detailed constructional information for the realisation of three 8 bit bidirectional parallel ports in a GameBoyTM cartridge. Only limited hardware knowledge is required, but elementary laboratory equipment is expected. To rebuild the shown cartridges a manufacturing capability for PCBs is required with an programming capability for EPROM or Flash. The job should be done in about less than 15h.

the ready etched board
Figure 0: the ready etched board

Ver 1.0

0.0 Introduction
0.1 The Game Boy - only a rusty game console ?
0.2 Who are we ?
1.0 What is inside the Game Boy ?
1.1 Technical detail
1.2 Address overview
1.3 Memory mapping
1.4 Cartridge types
2.0 The project idea
2.1 What is missing in the GB-hardware ?
3.0 Building the hardware
3.1 How to connect an Eprom
3.1.1 The GB-Adapter
3.2 The 8255 a PI/O - Chip
3.3 How to get the right hardware address
3.4 The GB-I/O interface board
4.0 Building the software
4.1 Software development tools
4.2 First steps using GB-Basic
4.3 The program
5.0 Future development
Appendix A: downloads
A.1 The GB-Adapter board
A.2 The GB-PIO board
A.3 Other Downloads
Appendix B: Miscellaneous stuff
B.1 PI/O 82C55 FAQ
B.2 Useful documents
B.3 ISA Flash card

With special thanks to Jeff Frohwein and all members
of the "GameBoy development ring"

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is owned by Marc Rawer
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