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There are several tools to write programs in different languages for the GameBoyTM and all are freeware! I have found a Basic-interpreter, a C-compiler and different assemblers. When writing programs an emulator can be very handy for testing prior to burning code into EPROM. Several emulators and tools are described in this section.

4.1 Software (development) Tools

Table x: some useful batch examples

@echo off
..\EMULATOR\gb97 %1
Starts the emulator with an *.GB File (1st parameter)
@echo off
gb gbb121.gb
Starts the emulator with GBB
@echo off
edit %1
gbbc b %1 gbb121.sav
Starts the editor with a text file (1st parameter). When you finished the editor the text will be convertet into an GBB binary and saved as gbb121.sav
@echo off
gbbc t gbb121.sav %1

Converts gbb121.sav into an ASCII-file (1. Parameter)

@echo off
subst Z: C:\SUBDIR1\SUBDIR1\...\GBDK-2.0
Links the drive letter with the path you've installed GBDK to
@echo off
\bin\lcc –Wa –l –m –o %1.gb %1.s
{\bin\lcc –Wa –l –m –o %1.gb %1.c}

Compiles your assembler or C source into a GBfile

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