B.3 Flash programmer from ''c't magazine''

The german ''c't magazin für computer technik'' (magazine for computer technology) presented an ISA card for programming Flash ROM chips (in c't 16/97 p176). The card can handle Flash ROMs up to 4MBit (512k*8bit) and was created to write motherboard BIOS files to chips when the BIOS got damaged. With little additional hardware (such as an DIP switch and and some R's) the PCB can be used to flash ROMs for your Game BoyTM development. The two pictures show how I use them for my work on GB ROMS.

Picture 1 shows the PCB setup. The card was designed for an 8bit ISA slot. The resources needed on your system will be a 2kByte memory window and 3 I/O ports (hex addresses ;). The PCB comes with a DOS software which makes it easier for you to read and write Flashes.

The second picture show the aditional board I use as an adapter. As you can see in picture 1 the card was designed for use inside a PC. So I simply attached a connector cable and an adapter PCB at the other end. This adapter can handle 32 pin PLCC housed chips and 32 pin DIP housed chips. The software can handle most of the commonly used Flashes from 128k*8 up to 512k*8 and some exotes like the i28F001BX which has a separat protected boot block (the one in the PLCC socket in the picture 2).

The PCB and the software can be obtained from emedia@emedia.de is called ''c't Falsher', #9716176dB and costs about 25,- DM (Deutsch Marks).

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