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All six team members are former fifth Semester students studying Sensor-Systems-Technology at Karlsruhe University of Technology. In the fifth semester all students have the opportunity to work in small groups on an electronics project. After convincing our professor that the basic idea of a project based around the GameBoyTM was viable, planning started. Several ideas were considered ranging from a small multimeter up to an oscilloscope. In the end it was decided to realize the hardware for an 8 bit parallel port together with the relevant software which would form a basis for future extensions.

The work was divided between the team members as follows:

• searching for information in the WWW:
Marc Rawer, Andreas Schmack
• hardware development and build:
Marc Rawer, Mirko Smuk
• software development:
Steffen Kratochwill (Andreas Schmack)
• presentation in the WWW:
Marc Rawer, Andreas Schmack
• documentation:
Ronny Tomschitz
• manufacturing boards (& playing the gameboy)
Uwe Hill
• project supervisor
Prof. Dr. Michael Bantel

Marc RawerSteffen KratochwillMirko SmukRonny Tomschitz'The GameBoy-Group'

Figure 0: 'The GameBoy-Group'

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