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This document was written to aid in the development of hardware and software for use with the Nintendo GameBoyTM. It provides a guide to the known hardware information pertaining to the hand held GameBoyTM console. Also included is an 8-bit parallel port example project using an IntelTM 82C55 in an add in GB-cartridge. Complete constructional details including PCB layout plans are provided.

0.1 The Game Boy - only a rusty game console ?

Years ago I received a Nintendo GameBoyTM as a birthday present and had a lot of fun playing games with it. As the years passed I grew up and forgot about the little console as it gathered dust on a shelf. One day in `97 it caught my eye and seeing it from an engineering viewpoint I realized that it had more potential beyond playing games due to a wealth of attributes and features including the following.

low cost

good software development tools available as freeware!

Z80 based system

simple keyboard

not that slow (4 Mhz)


ready to use

development support by cartridge usage

gray scale display

stereo sound system

serial port

RAM & ROM support

I realized that this combination of features could form an ideal basis for many applications which would however require additional hardware and the relevant software. I searched the Internet and found further information which reinforced my own feelings and prompted me to try and instigate a project based on the GameBoyTM as part of my university course. My own enthusiasm was shared by several fellow students and so the GameBoyTM Group was formed.

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