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On this page you will find everything you can find on the site itself to download. You will find different file formats for every project part. The files declared as Pads files are the files generated with the Pads 2.0 demo of Pads Inc. Unfortunately it is not possible to download the demo but you will find a site at your local Pads distributor to get a demo CD shipped to you. The 'ps' files are postscript files - best accessed with GhostView. The 'pdf' files are files for Acrobat's reader.

A.1 The GB-Adapter board


Pads files for the GameBoy Adapter (only layout yet)


layout for the GB-Adapter in postscript format


layout for the GB-Adapter in Adobe Acrobat format

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A.2 The GB-PIO board


Pads files for the PIO board (only layout yet)


layout for the PIO board in postscript format updated!


layout for the PIO board in Adobe Acrobat format updated!

Beta stuff:


Preview (!!) of the SMD version of the board

Note: The SMD Version is only a development preview. It was designed with the Eagle 3.55 freeware which can be downloaded at www.cadsoft.de. The freeware is fully functional for one schematic sheet and an board size of 80mm x 100mm. I strongly recommend this for your own development because of the easy handling and the integrated autorouter. The used library can be found further down under A.3.

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A.3 Other downloads



PADS 'user' library with the parts we generated (e.g. the Gamepack Edge Connector GEC)


all the PADS files above


EAGLE 3.55 library for GameBoyTM parts

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