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There are projects running parallel at present whereby most are part of a larger project. After we finished the PI/O-project Steffen, Mirko and myself (Marc) decided to work on another project with the GameBoyTM, the GB-Scope. The GB-Scope is a GB cartridge with a dual beam digital storage oscilloscope with a max. sampling rate of 20 Mega samples/sec. Additional hardware or changes to the GameBoyTM will not be needed.
Basis for the GB-Scope is an IC called 'Scope-IC' from the german chip manufacturer ZMD GmbH. There will be a 32kB Flash onboard so that it can be programmed easily from your PC for example with Jeff's or any other flash-programmer.
The next step on the PI/O-project will be an SMD-version of the board to reduce PCB space.

All these projects are open to the public and to all ideas - so if you wish to help or join the crew feel free to mail me.

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